A.O.M. Audio Plug-ins

Version 1.11.6 (2021-07-13)
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Cyclic Panner
Axis Transformation Panner
Invisible Limiter
Transparent Mastering Limiter
Invisible Limiter G2
Transparent Mastering Limiter
Nu Compressor
Track Compressor
Sakura Dither
Ergonomic Bit Reduction
Stereo Imager D
True-Stereo Image Manipulator
Transparent Equalizer
tranQuilizr G2
Transparent Equalizer
Wave Shredder
Waveform Destruction

Bundle License

Total Bundle
Wildcard License

End-of-Support Announcement

OS X 10.11 El Capitan — 2021-09-30

  • After the EoS date, new installers are no longer provided for El Capitan.
  • On the EoS date, related support tickets will be closed.
  • Older installers (unsupported) wiil be kept available in legacy installers page.