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How to try A.O.M. Audio Plug-ins

Plugins go to demo-mode if no valid license is installed. After 1-year license gets expired, plugins go to demo-mode too.

Try plugins in demo-mode

After download and installation of plugins,plugins will show "No License Found" dialog. You can start trial by pressingClose button.

"No License Found" dialog in plugin window

Obtain evaluation license

If small noise is annoying, you can request evaluation license. Evaluation license authorizes all A.O.M. plugins for 14 days. Plugin version 1.9.5 or later is required to recognize evaluation license.

Step 1: Navigate to Evaluation License Request Form

Step 2: Enter email address which evaluation license is sent to.

Evaluation license request form

A.O.M. license issuer will send a confirmation email to you. This step is needed to check ownership of the entered email address.

Step 3: Open verification URL in confirmation email.

Email sent to requester

Step 4: Final confirmation

Confirmation dialog

Step 5: A.O.M. license issuer sends evaluation license to you.

Issued license

Step 6:Install license