Plug-ins Installer v1.17.2

Operating System Windows 10 22H2 (64bit only)
Windows 11 22H2
Windows 11 23H2
macOS Catalina 10.15
macOS Big Sur 11
macOS Monterey 12
macOS Ventura 13
macOS Sonoma 14
Maximum interoperability, baseline performance (higher CPU load). Runs on almost all Windows PC and Mac.
Higher performance (lower CPU load), moderate interoperability. Runs on Intel CPUs (Haswell and later) and AMD CPUs (Excavator and later). Note that this variant will not run on some lowend netbooks, lowend mini PCs, Apple Silicon Mac and Mac Pro (Late 2013).

If you are unsure, try Installer Selector (Windows) / Installer Selector (macOS) to check processor capability.

Donwload Links
Note: You can start trial with these installers. Both 'demo' and 'product' plugins are identical. They are different only in authorization state.

License Manager v2.1.3

License manager can show and remove licenses installed to local computer.

Windows 64bit macOS 64bit
License Manager is only for license management on local computer. It won't download your licenses.

Plug-ins Uninstaller for macOS


In Windows, please refer to plugins uninstall instruction.