Latest Releases


All plugins has been updated to 1.7.2. This is a maintenance release but several enhancements are shipped with. Invisible Limiter has a new UI design by Ryo Asakura.


All plugins has been updated to 1.7.1. This is a maintenance release.


License Manager is updated to 1.1.0.


A.O.M. Cyclic Panner is released. All plugins has been updated to version 1.7.0.


Plugins are updated to 1.6.1.


Plugins are updated to 1.6.0.

Support Information

Upgrade from version 1.3.x

All plug-ins in version 1.4.0 or later need license files to work. We provide free upgrade to lifetime license for customers who had purchased 1.3.x versions of our plug-ins. Please request upgrade via Online Helpdesk with e-mail address you used in purchasing.

Development termination is planned for Windows XP

A.O.M. will terminate development of plugins for Windows XP on 8 April 2014. A.O.M. Plug-ins for Windows XP can be downloaded even after the development termination, but they will leave from coverage of support, bug fixes, updates and addition of new plug-ins.