Currency migration from USD to JPY

A.O.M. will migrate its products' curreny from USD to JPY on 1 November 2021. From the migration date, all products' prices are calculated by converting from JPY master price. Actual price change would be negilible.

We keep our policy avoiding discounting promotions.

The table below shows all products' prices.

ProductVariantCurrent price, excluding taxPrice after currency migration, excluding tax
Total Bundle1-year license100USD11,000JPY
Cyclic PannerPerpetual License70USD7,700JPY
Cyclic Panner1-year to Perpetual extension52USD5,720JPY
Invisible LimiterPerpetual License120USD13,200JPY
Invisible Limiter1-year to Perpetual extension89USD9,790JPY
Invisible Limiter G2Perpetual License200USD22,000JPY
Invisible Limiter G21-year to Perpetual extension150USD16,500JPY
Invisible Limiter G2Perpetual License, discounted for Invisible Limiter Perpetual licensee99USD10,890JPY
Nu CompressorPerpetual License300USD33,000JPY
Nu Compressor1-year to Perpetual extension225USD24,750JPY
Sakura DitherPerpetual License150USD16,500JPY
Sakura Dither1-year to Perpetual extension112USD12,320JPY
Stereo Imager DPerpetual License70USD7,700JPY
Stereo Imager D1-year to Perpetual extension52USD5,720JPY
Tau Compressor PlusPerpetual License70USD7,700JPY
Tau Compressor Plus1-year to Perpetual extension52USD5,720JPY
tranQuilizrPerpetual License120USD13,200JPY
tranQuilizr1-year to Perpetual extension89USD9,790JPY
tranQuilizr G2Perpetual License150USD16,500JPY
tranQuilizr G21-year to Perpetual extension112USD12,320JPY
tranQuilizr G2Perpetual License, discounted for tranQuilizr Perpetual licensee75USD8,250JPY
Wave ShredderPerpetual License70USD7,700JPY
Wave Shredder1-year to Perpetual extension52USD5,720JPY
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