AVX2-enabled Installers

AVX2 plugins are high performance (low CPU load), but it can not be scanned by DAW or leads DAW crash under unsupported CPUs.

If unsure, just choose Generic Installer or use Installer Selector (below).

In Windows, generic plugins and AVX2 plugins can not be installed side-by-side. Make sure to uninstall it before installing another variant.

DO NOT install AVX2-enabled plugins into Apple Silicon Mac. Logic Pro X will fail plugin scan and remove failed plugin from its plugins list *forever*. Reinstalling generic plugins does NOT fix this problem. You will need to use different version of generic plugins or completely re-install macOS to fix this problem.

AVX2-enabled Plugins Installer v1.15.4

Operating SystemPlugin FormatRecommended for
Windows 8.1 / 10 / 11 64bitVST3Most hosts being unlisted below
VST2Digital Performer
iZotope Ozone (standalone)
iZotope RX
AAX-NativePro Tools
CLAPBitwig Studio
macOS 10.14 Mojave - macOS 12 Monterey 64bit
(Intel processor only)
Audio UnitMost hosts being unlisted below
VST2iZotope Ozone (standalone)
iZotope RX
AAX-NativePro Tools
CLAPBitwig Studio

Installer Selector v1.0.0

Installer Selector suggests appropriate installer variant for your computer.

Windows 64bitmacOS 64bit