Known Issues

Fixes are planned in later versions if possible. Some issues may be caused by host application's behavior.

Last Updated: 2016-05-21

Ableton Live on Mac OS X and AudioUnit plugins

Results extraordinary high CPU load. Live is likely to select the maximum number of channels which the plugin declares to be supporting.

Workaround: Try VST2 version.

Studio One 3 on Windows and VST2/VST3 plugins

All dynamic mouse cursor changing do not work.

Workaround: None.

Wavelab 9 on Mac OS X and VST3 plugins

Plugins show a blank window.

Workaround: Try VST2 version.

Wavelab 8.5 or earlier and Invisible Limiter G2

GUI is placed at a wrong location, when switching to Advanced Mode using the square button on left-top.

Workaround: Save project, restart WaveLab, reopen plugin window, and use "Switch to Advanced Mode" item under plugin menu (right-top).

Cubase 7 on Windows and Invisible Limiter G2 (VST2)

Window size is not adjusted correctly, when switching Advanced Mode to Easy Mode.

Workaround: Try VST3 version.

Studio One 2 on Windows and Invisible Limiter (VST3)

GUI gets corrupted when toggling between Easy and Advanced Modes.

Workaround: Reopen plugin window, or try VST2 version.