Plugins v1.8.0 released

We have updated A.O.M. Audio Plugins to version 1.8.0.

New features and enhancements

  • New plugin: Invisible Limiter G2
  • New plugin format: VST3
  • [All Plugins] Add next and previous buttons to drop-down list.
  • [All Plugins] Knob value can be reset to default by double-clicking.

Bug fixes

  • [tranQuilizr] Fix bug that analyzer display gets shifted under non-44100Hz sampling rate.
  • [All Plugins] Knob’s text field did not show correct value when dragging to maximum or minimum value.

Invisible Limiter G2 is a successor of Invisible Limiter, but both are treated as completely independent plugins. Invisible Limiter will NOT be discontinued nor overwritten, and A.O.M. continues to maintain both Invisible Limiter and Invisible Limiter G2 simultaneously.

Total Bundle licenses cover Invisible Limiter G2.

See also: Known Issues